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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for Email is a technology developed by Google to enhance the capabilities of email messages. Traditional emails are static and limited in their interactive features. AMP for Email allows developers to create dynamic and interactive email experiences similar to web pages.

With AMP for Email, users can interact with content directly within the email message without needing to open a separate webpage. This enables features like RSVPing to events, filling out forms, browsing product catalogs, and more, all within the email interface itself.

AMP Email
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Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages for email, is a technology developed by Google that aims to make emails more interactive and engaging. By using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, AMP allows for dynamic content within emails, such as forms, carousels, and real-time updating information.

Goal of AMP

The goal of AMP for email is to provide users with more functionality directly within their email client, rather than requiring them to click through to a website or app. This can improve user engagement and streamline processes such as RSVPing to events, completing surveys, or browsing product catalogs, all without leaving the email interface.



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