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Today, we live in an information based society where we need Authentic and organized information to keep moving in the right direction; where most of our decisions, beliefs and values are based on what we know, and on the information we have. If we observe facts, then we come to know that media is behind all the information based on which we think and make decisions in our daily lives. We know about its multi-dimensional effects as well as its visible and invisible impacts on our society and the new generation. In fact, the “Media Factor” is behind all these elements that are playing a vital role in making the mindsets of the masses, and setting new trends in the society. This is the reason that the media factor is widely and effectively used not only to bring radical changes in any society, but also to introduce new concepts & ideologies as well as new brands & products in that society. In fact, media is not only providing us information, but it is also setting paths for all of us to move on. In a broader sense, we can say that we have put our trust on media as an authority to give us knowledge, information and guidance in every walk of life.